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As a writer, I love to think outside the box. I allow my imagination, whether it be dark or light, to take control over my skills of storytelling. I have written many pieces of work, and as I mature and craft my skills, I've learned that revising one's work is NEVER a bad thing. As an aspiring screenwriter I hope my stories and characters can connect with the reader for every word typed came from a deep place within. I love critiques both good and bad. It can only help me grow as a writer and as a creator of art.

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The Hidden Valley Video 1

2 stars
There is too much talking with the characters which makes it feel alot longer. Something like the YEti should be mysterious and the trailer should be alot shorter, leaving us wanting more/answers.
April 13, 2014

ZvG: Zombies Vs Gladiators, Joseph's test movie 2

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Can I Order A Hot Plate Of "YAWN" With A Tall Glass Of "BOREDOM"?

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1 stars
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1 stars
April 11, 2014
I first would like to say that i really do appreciate the hard work and effort you put into creating the storyboards and the preview movie. It's not easy to do and requires a lot of time and patience. With that said, you should focus more time on a more compelling and original script. There were too many references to the movie Gladiator which is obviously the route you wanted to take with this film, but the audience is quickly going to pick up on it. We've all seen this before.

Secondly, there are too many UN-necessary characters that could have been cut out. "CUT THE FAT" is what i always say. You'll lose the audience if there are too many of them. It made the story very confusing on who was the protagonist and the antagonist. You also had to many sub plots (the seductive woman, the jealous wife, the cocky friend/enemy, the emperor, the barbarians) It was too much. Either make the Zombies the threat and the Romans the heroes or the other way around.

Thirdly, It takes way too long to get to the Zombies. It took 30 minutes to get to the conflict of the story. You need to establish the dilemma early on in order to capture the audience. If i was reading this I would have given up after the first ten pages. You need to learn how to quickly introduce the main characters and the dilemma all in ten minutes of the film.

There are many other flaws with the story but that was the main three I had. Once again it was a great effort and hard work you put into the production. I only wished the same could have been said about the story itself. But then again, your script is in Development so who am I to judge.

Good Luck.

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Magnolia, Citizen Kane, Cloud Atlas, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, any movie that suspends reality and takes you on a compelling ride but at the same time having a strong story to back it up.


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