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HOME BAR Ralph's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
3 03/05/17

Buddy, the Wonder Dog Ralph's 1st Draft (Script 2)

5.0 stars
16 01/21/13

The Answer? Ralph's 1st Draft (Script 2)

No rating
9 11/17/12

Stasis Ralph's 1st Draft (Script 3)

No rating
13 08/27/11


Just an over the hill wannabe writer trying like the other millions around the world to get their story told/sold.


Reviews Ralph Has Written

Artifice Video 1 - Funny animated trailer

4 stars
Can't say I'm into reading the book, but I can say the video makes me want to check it out. Well done.
April 03, 2017

BAZAARO Video 1 - Test footage of the sexually charged opening scene.

3 stars
Filmed well, except adjusting to the whispering. Story line kept me intrigued until the obvious ending which was a letdown. I really wanted him to jump out the window because he couldn’t get laid.
June 12, 2016

Killing Cavendish Video 1 - Filmed to get funding

4 stars
Have been following this one for years. Someday I hope you get the backing to fulfill your writing, directing dream.
October 13, 2015

Zombie Rapture, Sean's Original Draft

1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Running gags may be moving too fast...

Overall Recommendation:
3 stars
4 stars
Story structure:
3 stars
4 stars
4 stars
3 stars
August 03, 2015
Interesting story. Read up to page 37 and can say it seems to be one continuous running gag/joke in the humor category. Started to get bored at the AA meeting, and when they too fell victim to the soul grabbers so quickly, so did my interest. May be a case of not stopping long enough for the guys to hit on Sarah, contemplate the universe with others, before the flight starts all over again. Just my two cents.

The Galactic Superstars Video 1 - adventure comedy

3 stars
Concept sounds interesting, and the characters look drawn well, (would like 3D more) but your presentation with the camera always in motion was distracting. Just my 2 cents.
June 02, 2015

The Zombie Factor Video 1 - The Zombie Factor- Pilot Episode

4 stars
I could see it as a game show series. All kinds of crazy events, situations.
April 21, 2015

Favorite Movies

ET/Star Wars/Close Encounters Of The Third Kind/Star Trek/The Fifth Element/The Abyss/Die Hard/Lethal Weapon/Avatar/Kick-Ass/American Dreamer…

Influences (TSL shut down Feb. 13, 2015) and its members, good & bad, are my number one influences. Without them I would have given up long ago, and most on TS probably wish I had. lol


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