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Twin Steve's 6th Draft (Script 6)

4.0 stars
52 03/30/11

Twin Steve's 5th Draft (Script 5)

No rating
9 02/28/11

Twin Steve's 4th Draft (Script 4)

No rating
4 02/28/11

Twin Steve's 3rd Draft (Script 3)

4.0 stars
11 02/18/11

Twin Steve's 2nd Draft (Script 2)

No rating
18 02/10/11

Twin Steve's Original Draft (Script 1)

5.0 stars
12 02/01/11

Series Projects

Pilot Scripts

Title Average Rating Plays/

Scruples Pilot Script 3

3.5 stars
27 08/11/13

Scruples Pilot Script 2 - 2nd Revision

4.3 stars
33 04/29/13

Scruples Pilot Script 1 - Pilot

4.8 stars
51 04/19/13


Title Average Rating Plays/

Scruples Mini-bible 1 - Season 1

4.8 stars
46 05/04/13


I'm generally bad at talking about myself. Someone once asked me, where I was from and I responded, from my mother. They told me they've been there before, too. I didn't know if that was a joke or not. But I laughed anyway to make them feel better.

I don't really consider myself a funny guy. People just tend laugh at what I say, even though I'm being serious. It's really a gift and a curse. My family still laughs at me when I tell them I'm a screenwriter. I reassure myself, they're laughing with me, and not at me. My dad, being the loving, honest father he is, reassures me they're laughing at me.

My inspirations for writing comes from watching movies by great and bad writers. I feel there is something to take away from either. Tyler Perry is the only filmmaker I could never stay till the end to watch. The reason is because every time I go to watch his movies, a fight breaks out or people right next to me are conversating, too loud. When I tell them to be quiet they just shout derogatory racial slurs and "yo momma" jokes at me. I laugh anyways to make them feel better.

Over the years, I've grown as a writer. I use to be 5' 6" and now I'm 5' 8". My advice to any writer trying to better their craft is don't let your parents read your scripts. One of my first scripts I gave them was about an unstable marriage and a divorce. The next year my parents split up. After that I wrote another script about parents that were serial killers. Don't think I'll ever be showing them that one.

I believe in giving and receiving constructive criticism. That is the only way to get better as a writer and a person. I try everyday to give constructive feedback, like when I'm driving and see a bad driver. I try to tell them how to be better, but the words they mouth back to me aren't thank you. It's the other one that ends with "you".

I really look forward to making new connections and meeting great people through Amazon Studios. Who knows, maybe one day we'll be sitting down for a few drinks and cracking jokes to each other. I promise I wont laugh at them because you're going to think I'm making you feel better.

2013 Achievement(s):
Quarter finalist in the Nicholl Fellowship in screenwriting contest for the script "Fade to Black"

Projects in Progress:
- Writing "Men at Work" Spec
-Short Film "Penance" (Post production)
-Frank Millar's "Nemesis" short
-Rewriting, Sci fi feature outline
-Pursing Happiness

Reviews Steve Has Written

Retail, Pilot Script 1 - "Hey what's going on?"

4 stars
Comedy is on point & I like the premise of it. The narrative is loose and needs to be restructured. Also work on the character's voices. This will greatly help with dialogue jokes. Check your grammer.
May 07, 2013

Disorganized Crime, Pilot Script 1 - The Legacy Continues...

4 stars
Structure does need work to turn this into a proper pilot. There were plenty of laughs in the middle but changed to very serious in the end. You do have some great characters to base comedy plots on.
May 06, 2013

With Class, Pilot Script 1 - Moon Walk

4 stars
A great story & theme. You're supporting characters seem too dependent on Kelly & act 2 feels draggy. You should cut it down from 52 pages to 35 at most. As a whole it's one of the better pilots on AS
May 04, 2013

UNder-Employed, Pilot Script 1 - Pilot Revision 2

4 stars
It's funny, but there are areas that need polishing. You're story has a very loose plot. Consider creating one for Nick & Carl. Formatting looks like it's for multicam show rather than single cam.
May 02, 2013

Thespians, Pilot Script 1 - Thespians "Pilot"

4 stars
The pilot had its funny moments but there are alot of issues with grammer and spelling. Max & James come off as underdeveloped & their relationship seems forced. Work on their backstory to polish it.
April 25, 2013

Suckerpunch and Leroy, Pilot Script 1

4 stars
Reminded me a lot like Black Dynamite and the Other Guys. Characters and comedy were hysterical. Great way to end it. I felt the action set pieces took away from the story & learning about characters
April 22, 2013

Favorite Movies

300, Inside man, Equilibrium, Avatar, Ong-Bak, Gran Torino, King's Speech, Fast Five, Aladin, How to train your dragon, Jingle all the way, Liar liar, Jurassic Park, Looper, Rise of the Guardians, Kung-fu Hustle, Kick-ass, Seven, Cowboy Bebop


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