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I've written a best-selling autobiography (Father's Days), was the first Associate Producer of IN THE LIFE, an entertainment series for GLBT people (PBS, WNET-13/NY), have acted in 11 movies including FIRST WIVES CLUB with Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler & Diane Keaton, acted in a national Burger King commercial, created, starred in and Executive
produced the sizzle tape "The Broker$" on
YouTube, created a lecture series on child abuse and rape prevention and performed on the International College Lecture Circuit for 10 years.
FATHER'S DAYS was a resource for the ABC-TV Movie-of-the-Week titled Something About Amelia (1984).
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Father's Days: A True Story of Incest Video 1 - Family Drama

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I have been enjoying a multi-faceted life first in Green Bay WI where I was a successful Real Estate Broker and businesswoman who married her high school sweetheart, had 2 children, divorced and went back to college to study creative writing. I wrote my ground breaking, best-selling autobiography - Father's Days: A True Story of Incest written under my pen name - Katherine Brady - (Seaview 1979, Dell 1981, Amazon 2012), sold it on 2 - 1-hour incredulous DONAHUE shows. Incest and I had come out of the closet - together we broke the Universal Taboo of talking about it! I subsequently created a 10-year long lecture/performance series on child abuse and rape prevention for the International college Lecture Circuit.
FATHER'S DAYS was a resource for the ABC-TV Movie of The Week titled - Something About Amelia - which was the most-watched made for TV movie ever mounted at the time.
I moved to New York City and began studies in Acting for TV and Film. I enjoyed much success as a best-selling author, a film and commercial actress and in pursuing my interests in producing for Television. I was the first Associate Producer for IN THE LIFE an entertainment series for PBS, WNET13, New York where we show cased GLBT talent including Lily Tomlin, Melissa Etheridge, ,and great news pieces like the famous March on Washington for freedom for all GLBT people.
I did some work in films for Barbra Streisand, Sidney Lumet, Woody Allen , and worked with Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler on THE FIRST WIVES CLUB.
I also single-handedly raised my two wonderful daughters now grown, married and parents themselves and living in Menlo Park, CA and Scottsdale, AZ. respectively. They are my biggest accomplishment along with my 4 adorable grandkids (1 girl, 3 boys) who call me "GaGa."
After 9/11, I moved to my country house in the East Hampton, on Long Island's East End where I became a successful "GaGa" and Real Estate Broker. I combined my expertise in writing, acting, producing and selling into a sizzle tape titled "The Broker$" set in the Hamptons - now on YouTube - google Renee Despins - The Broker$.
I moved to California this year and have embarked on my life's dream to live and work in TV, Film, and New Media in Hollywood. I have the drive and determination, coupled with what people say is a dynamic, enthusiastic personality which means I plan to excel in all my ventures and hopefully motivate others to their own level of fulfillment. I have already began this new life and will share it with you as we go along together into the future.
I want Amazon Studios to produce my autobiography - FATHER'S DAYS - to honor my public vow to keep the honest diologue about abuse and incest going so that the victims and survivors know they ae not alone and not to blame.
I also want Amazon Studios to produce my series "The Broker$" - copyright 2004 - as well as another series I have created which is a work en progress titled "Not Your Father's Senior" - copyright 2014.

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Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. The TV
movie - Something About Amelia


Barbra Streisand,
Sidney Lumet
Woody Allen
Stephen Spielberg
Phil Donahue for believing in me.
Oprah , Ellen and Betty White are my role models


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