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YouTube Famous Test Movie 1 - Michael's Test Movie

4.7 stars
474 08/24/11


Title Average Rating Downloads Date

YouTube Famous Aaron's 1st Draft (Script 6)

4.0 stars
75 08/22/11

YouTube Famous Rick's 1st Draft (Script 5)

4.8 stars
33 07/20/11

Small Talk in Deep Space Nate's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
51 05/28/11

It's Not Uncomplicated Nate's Original Draft (Script 1)

5.0 stars
5 05/17/11

YouTube Famous Jamster's 1st Draft (Script 4)

No rating
18 05/08/11

YouTube Famous Nate's 3rd Draft (Script 3)

4.6 stars
99 01/07/11

YouTube Famous Nate's 2nd Draft (Script 2)

5.0 stars
29 12/31/10

YouTube Famous Nate's Original Draft (Script 1)

5.0 stars
109 12/30/10


*Artistic Director at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC
*Sociology PhD candidate at Columbia studying internet culture
*In 2007 I was a contestant on the third season of the CW's Beauty and the Geek
*In November of 2011 I was an internet meme, known as the "Huh? guy" from an AT&T commercial
*more at

Reviews Nate Has Written

The Making Of Love, Pilot Script 1

5 stars
I wrote this!
August 06, 2012

YouTube Famous, Michael's Test Movie

1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Michael and Aaron did an amazing job with this!

Overall Recommendation:
5 stars
5 stars
Story structure:
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
September 16, 2011
I'm biased (I wrote the original version of this script) but I loved seeing what Aaron and Michael did with it.

Aaron has a great sense of humor and did a fantastic job bringing out the funny moments that I was going for in the original script. On top of that, he plays the protagonist, Ned, and did a fantastic job. He comes across as natural and likable, with great comedic timing too.

I love all of the changes that were made. This is absolutely an improvement on my original script.

Well shot and expertly put together. I'm flattered and honored to have had my script made into a movie by strangers. What a cool experience!

Thank you to Aaron, Michael and the rest of the cast and crew, and thank you to Amazon Studios for creating a way for strangers to connect creatively in this way.


Paperback Writer, Richard's Original Draft

3 out of 4 people found the following review helpful:

Excellent work, but to make it a comedy, I think you need to turn up the proportion of the fantasy world and punch up the humor

Overall Recommendation:
5 stars
5 stars
Story structure:
5 stars
4 stars
5 stars
3 stars
June 14, 2011
Paperback Writer

Overall note:
I love the premise, love the tension of choosing between the self-created fantasy world and reality. I think my biggest suggestion is that, for me, the alternative reality is where the fun is at, that's what separates this idea from other ones. That is where the real comedy and fun is, to me. For the most part, the "real world" narrative does not feel like a comedy to me. It feels like a fun action/mystery, but not a comedy. The fantasy world is where the fun is at, but (as of 50 pages in) the bulk of the story does not happen there. I'd say go ahead and switch the ratio, and make more of the story happen there. Right from the explosion ten pages in, I think Nikki and Co should be stronger and nearly always there.

Detailed notes:
Reading this, you are clearly a more competent and skilled screenwriter than I, so I'm not sure how helpful my notes will be. Feel free to disregard completely. I'll try to give a few line notes here and there, mostly a matter of personal taste though.

p. 2 the first two pages are great. i want to read on. great pacing.

p. 2 - formatting question: why "ROLLO'S VOICE" rather than "ROLLO (O.S.)" - do they indicate different things?

p. 3 - love the blurb

p. 6 - i like this line: "Some twist! Some ball"; in general, the back and forth between Nikki and Hack is great

p. 7 - love pedro sitting off to the side, listening

p. 9 - this is great, Richard. I'm hooked! I love Nikki not wanting Hack to turn the power button off. I'm sold on the world.

p. 10 - at this point, I feel confused about Ice and Rollo's purpose. Is that intentional?

p. 15 - Mrs. Kolecefski is fun

p. 19 - .38 + "A friend" = a great moment (I am still confused by Kate, Rollo, and Ice, though)

p. 22 - I'd cut the "wanted to vote for Dubya" line. maybe a reference to someone or something more quintessentially CIA? or maybe a jab at why the CIA is so much better than the FBI?

p. 23 - is Hack's surprise at the "commie thing" being over with a reference to his preference for all things 1940s or a comment on his current delusional state of mind? or both? i wasn't sure how to take it.

p. 26 - love the back and forth between nikki and hack, once again

p. 27 - ah, he it the patsy. got it. i thought i had missed something up until this point.

p. 31 - when microfilm is reference…you have a joke about it in the synopsis, maybe a joke here about how it is an outdated technology? maybe from Cole?

p. 34 - i like "word quack"

p. 36 - i don't understand cole's "it's academic to me" retort

p. 42 - i like the whose the traitor back and forth

p. 46 - i was wondering where nikki was. maybe bring her back a little sooner?

p. 47 - there is a whole lot of underlining of nikki's speech on this page - i don't think they're necessary.

p. 48 - i love the voting thing, the hall with the cast of characters, very fun

taking a break

Rumspringa Break, Joe's 2nd Draft

4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful:

Fun idea for a low-brow comedy

Overall Recommendation:
3 stars
5 stars
Story structure:
4 stars
2 stars
3 stars
3 stars
June 14, 2011
Rumspringa Break

Overall note: pretty great idea. This is one of the idea's I've come across on AS when one of my first reactions is, "Yep, that sounds like a movie that would be made."

Have you read Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor? Might be an interesting read for a reference about insular religious community survivors.

A lot of my notes are individual joke notes that have a lot to do with personal taste, so take them or leave them. Overall, I'm not a fan of "low-brow" comedies, so feel free to disregard my notes entirely.

p. 1 - Petula saying "bongs, lots of stuff about bongs" hits for me as a joke, very funny; but then 'spank a monkey' doesn't hit as hard, for me. i feel like there is a more modern joke to make. a 'spank the monkey' joke feels about ten years too dated, to me. perhaps that is the point since it was written by an amish expat who was possibly quite taken with that phrase? this same structure could be used for something else: "How could someone run a train inside a bedroom, mother? They couldn't get the track in there!" etc and while it is funny to have petula say this, why not have shane say it? it will tell us about his naivety.

p. 2 - at this point, i am wondering: why are the parents so cool with the brother leaving? isn't that a bad thing? why would they pass on something heretical - this text - to their still good son? --> do you want the reader to be wondering these things? maybe they wanted him out because he was such a bad egg?

p. 2 - "stop walking" - love this bit. very funny.

p. 2 - in the action, what does "bangs it off" mean? masturbate? or knock the alarm clock over?

p. 3 - squeeze horn - don't like it. find another way for him to wake her up that isn't so clownish. why would he have a squeeze horn in his room? i will rescind this note if this is explained later OR if there are lots of non-sequiturs like this throughout as a style choice.

p. 3 - paper bag - mean joke. if i were watching this film, that would turn me off, but perhaps i'm not your target demographic. you did say this was a "low brow" comedy. that is certainly a low brow joke. that being said, the justification of not catching the sickness i did like.

p. 5 - who is vince? where did he come from? i do not understand the interaction vince and kyle have on page five. please clarify.

p. 6 - is vince a roommate? is the "she" he is referring to the woman in the other room? how has he seen her ass but not her face?

p. 6 - chickens only lay one egg a day, so there would only be two eggs under the chicken if it has been multiple days since they've been collected.

p. 6 - larger structural note. so, introducing kyle as having sex with an ugly woman by putting a bag on her head is one way to go, but i think there are way more fun ways to introduce the character who has escaped being amish. what are all of the things that the amish aren't allowed to do? i think he should be introduced as just having a BLAST, not being an asshole. maybe he has a bunch of arcade games in his apartment? maybe TV news stations that annoy most people he really gets a kick out of because he is just loving this television thing? maybe he gets an electricity bill but he is totally stoked because he has electricity? that would be more fun to me. right now he just comes across as a typical asshole. apart from the amish outfit and the chicken, he doesn't seem like someone who was raised amish.

p. 7 MARGE "You wanna keep that dick of yours in shrink wrap you don’t want it to drop off." Intentionally missing punctuation?

p. 7 - toilets stopped up. i bet you could think of a more original unpleasant handyman task here.

p. 7 - before Shane chooses the Dr. Pepper, maybe joke about why he chooses the Dr. Pepper? Like, he sees the DP and says, "Ah, this must be the DP that Kyle was raving about in his book."

p. 8 - i think that change purse joke isn't totally clear. maybe kyle could respond, "a change purse. you don't have, like, fifty more of those do you?" or "are there silver coins in that change purse?" something like that. to me, change purse on screen just reads as purse, which is an appropriate thing to bring out when talking about payment, so it would not be clear to me why kyle is upset at the sight of it.

p. 9 - out of curiosity, how is kyle so good at getting girls? did someone pass him on some sort of secret text? seems like an amish kid would be totally uncool by modern standards and, even after a few years of practice, would still be mediocre. i'd like some sort of explanation. maybe he uses his amish charm? or he is super strong from building furniture? he plays off the innocent guy thing?

p. 9 - he mentions spring break - is kyle a college student? earlier he was described as a "bachelor" and he seems to have a day job, right? or is he just pretending to be a college student to hook up with a college girl? if this is the case, maybe make the line, "Spring break, what are you - oh, yeah. right. because we're both college students. uh, i'm partying. you?"

p. 9 - i like this line "It's easy when you know how." That is really fun to me. More jokes like this and the "Stop walking" thing. At this point, I think that Shane is your star and where the fun is at; this feels original to me and the promise of the movie. Kyle just seems like an unoriginal asshole at this point.

p. 9 - i don't like "GOES FLYING OFF." that wouldn't happen on an escalator. (it might in a kevin james movie on an escalator, though). i just don't think you need it. i think that line is funny enough, and you just need a small stumble at the end to counter his smug look.

p. 12 - i don't like "hitty." i think "do the hitting thing" is funnier.

p. 12 - i think you could have more fun with the hand representing the ass, then the face. rule of threes, right? have it represent one more part of his body in one last extended, increasingly confused metaphor for his impending punishment.

p. 12 - "okay, thanks!" in response to "Get lost!" is very funny.

p. 13 "air the boys" should be "air out the boys" - right?

p. 13 - kyle just wanted the money fast. hmm, i think at this point i want some sort of explanation of why kyle is so not-amish in any way. maybe start out with a flashback showing how even when he was a little boy living in Lancaster County, he was more like a typical american (lazy, stupid, sexist, whatever) than his friends. Because I think of Amish as hard working. It seems like even an ex-Amish would have some of these traits, right?

p. 15 - couldn't a marine kick kyles ass? instead of making him a marine, why not make him a hideous looking creepy dude (someone who would fit the description of dating the face with the warts etc)

p. 15 - why does kyle stare at him like a strange animal? why doesn't he remember his own rumspringa?

p. 16 - i'd rewrite this having fun with the TV thing. he knows what a TV is. he's been into town before, and these days there are TVs just about fucking everywhere, right? rather than "Is that a TV?" maybe just, "Huh, you have a TV…in your living room?!"

p. 17 - i like the "i did write" flashback

p. 17 - I like the name reveal

p. 18 - i like the montage, putting the chicken in the microwave and kyle saving helen - hah!

p. 19 - i don't think he would call it a "chariot." Maybe an "electrical horse and buggy". That being said, I do like this type of laughing at himself joke. More of these.

p. 20 - I don't think Shane would call it the "modern" world. I think he would call it the "outside" world or something like that.

p. 24 - do a few more Irish not Amish jokes. Have them call him a Leprechaun, etc. "Dude. I'm Amish, not Irish."

p. 27 - lose the lesbians, thespians joke. i just feel like i've heard that one before.

p. 28 - you seem to get chased a lot - very funny!

p. 29 - cut the "KYLE Okay, when your button mushroom gets big and strong…" scene. gross, not funny.

p. 31 - i wouldn't mind finding out what kyle's plan is pretty soon. the more it is built up, the more spectacular it had better be.

p. 31 - "I'll even suck a dick." Funny! More of these sincere mess ups by Shane would be good.

p. 33 - why does Shane know what a circus is?

p. 36 - why would a Harvard cheerleader say "pee-pee"?

p. 38 - the interaction between Kyle and Alison is weird to me. have we met alison before? she seems important. maybe we should have met her before page 40?

p. 40 - during the psych break down, isn't it typically the youngest who wants to rebel, not the oldest? why would this be textbook psych?

p. 41 - i like the reveal of the woman in the hot tub being alison…i still think i'd like to meet her earlier though.

p. 44 - cut the flatulence/deadly joke.

p. 46 - not crazy about the "wind sock" line

p. 49 - has Shane kissed before?

p. 52 - cut the line "homo-squad"

Taking a break.

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