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I'm a Chicago-based journalist, author and editor. My work has appeared in Mother Jones, The Sydney Morning Herald, The New Republic, Chicago Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, Mental_Floss, The Chicago Tribune, The (Chicago) Daily Herald, BuzzFlash, Forbes Travel, Rugby Magazine, World Jewish Digest, Women's eNews, the Chicago Reader, Crain's Chicago Business, Chicago Wilderness, Black Issues in Higher Education, the Southland (New Zealand) Times, and dozens of other newspapers and magazines. My work's appeared in more than thirty countries, on every continent but Antarctica.

My first book "The Latest Craze" (Fall River Press, 2011), a history of panics, manias and cultural crazes, is in bookstores now, and I'm currently working on two other non-fiction book projects. I've also written several screenplays and a lot of short fiction, and my articles have been included in more than a dozen books in America and abroad.


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Villain, Richard's 7th Draft

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Strong comedy blend of spy/superhero genres

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December 27, 2010

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Personally, I have a hundreds-long list of favorite movies, so it's hard to repeat it here. My favorite directors include Martin Scorsese, Frank Capra, the Coen Brothers, Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, Peter Jackson, and everybody at Pixar.


Everything from early 20th Century noir to recent blockbusters. Firmly in the camp that any subject can make a good movie if the characters are interesting.


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