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1) Was getting published difficult?

​Heck yeah! My last book, Spitfire, was rejected by all of the big six publishing ​​houses. They claimed it had no mass-market appeal.

​ That pissed me off. I could not believe that a novel about an office drone who suspects her Dockers wearing boss of being a serial killer, wasn't worth a read. ​Why wouldn't a Latina protagonist with an acid wit not have mass market appeal?

When Amazon started a mystery imprint called Thomas & Mercer, I submitted to them. I was pretty discouraged by that point. Fortunately, they found my book refreshing.

3) When did you realize you were a writer? Do you have a "writing" routine?

I think people have a proclivity toward being creative. Writers take in the world through all of their senses and either process that sensory overload by jotting something down, or finding another creative outlet. If I don't have a healthy outlet I go a little crazy.

I write in the morning because I'm still operating below the level of conscious thought. I never work at night. The days' reality kills the creative buzz.

5) Tell us about Annette. Background? What other writing projects you are working on?

My parents are from Jalisco, Mexico. I'm from Santa Ana and am ​the youngest of five kids. I thought I was a boy until I got boobies—that was a pretty sucky day. I moved to San Francisco when I turned 21. I am seriously dyslexic and can not spell "dyslexic" without spell check.

I'm working on two books: Furious George, the sequel to Spitfire, and Oliver Twist: Junior Detective.

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From Dusk 'til Dawn
Reservior Dogs
Groundhog Day
The Godfather 2
Cool Hand Luke
Local Hero
Harold and Maude
Rear Window
Hector and the Search for Happiness
Blade Runner
Donnie Darko



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