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Barsuglia has worked in the entertainment industry for many years. He has independently directed and written a number of indie films and he is the founder of the long-running SoCal Independent Film Festival. His most recent film won 17 awards including 6 best features, a true-to-text adaptation of the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This film has the unique honor of featuring the final film role of screen legend Mickey Rooney.

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ZvG: Zombies Vs Gladiators, J. H.'s 2nd Draft

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Familiar, Yet Compelling

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August 04, 2015
I read the storyboard for this project and found it very compelling. It takes the popular zombie genre and put it into a historical Roman Coliseum setting (I am willing to forgo accuracy for the sake of the genre). I expected to read a few pages of the storyboard but was pulled in and read the entire thing. I could absolutely see this as a movie and it has a familiar feel with the genre, but different enough to be enticing.

Champagne Dreams Video 1 - Champagne Dreams

5 stars
Maybe I'm biased.
July 29, 2015


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