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First Day Kevin's Original Draft (Script 1)

4.0 stars
12 06/27/17


Since Amazon is going dark, thank you all for everything!

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Project 1489 Video 1 - Project 1489

4 stars
Very effective at setting up the story to come, intriguing with a well-chosen score.
October 31, 2015

ZvG: Zombies Vs Gladiators, J. H.'s 2nd Draft

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3 stars
October 12, 2015
The idea of Gladiators and Roman Legions fighting against zombie hordes is a great one.
That being said I can't see it doing well with it's current storyboard.

The following is just my humble opinion. It's free so take it at face value if you wish.

Try to work in a bit more history. Perhaps make the zombie king invulnerable except to a holy object like the holy spear (spear of destiny) which works well with the timeline.
Julius Caesar was born in 100 A.D. Why not make the story centered around a young Julius?
Love interest could be a slave owned by the general he is being mentored by.
They are sent with 2 legions to an outlying district to investigate the local Senator.
The evil Senator meddles in the dark arts. The African witch doctor his tutor, At least until the Senator betrays him, kills him but with his last breaths the doctor curses both the Senator and Rome. "To never die, but never live. To feel hunger but never full.." Something like that.
Have the Senator get "killed", reanimate hungry, bite someone else. They narrowly escape thanks to the Gladiator's help, re-from with the legions encamped outside the town. Story of the spear of destiny comes out. They go after it and along the way both the general he serves and his love interest are killed. Julius takes command, gets the spear, kills the bad guy with it, returns home the hero, and goes on to rule Rome with it in his hand.


Zombies feeling pain is a bit of a stretch.

The scene where he kills the pregnant woman and bathes in her blood...yeah. That goes just a bit too far.

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