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Original Soldiers Video 4 - Hostile Takeover

3.0 stars
973 12/04/11


Writer of the award-winning hit film "Black Hat" (

Black Hat was a number one project, a number one movie, and a number one trailer, based on popularity/views, out of 7000 projects.

Black Hat was named by Amazon as the 4th most active project in 2011; it was on the "Top 10" project's list for over 45 weeks!

It was also the 8th most watched movie of 2011:

Black Hat placed in the Top 10 Best Films of 2011 in the Annual Awards, in the running for the $1 Million grand prize:

In the 12 months of contests at Amazon Studios in 2011, Black Hat placed as a semifinalist (or higher) in 9 of them!

It was a 6 time semifinalist, 4 time finalist, and Winner of the August 2011 Best Movie award.

Black Hat had over 10 trailers edited by fans/filmmakers. Trailer 3 was Winner of the first ever Best Trailer award in October 2011:

Trailer 7 was a finalist in December 2011:

Black Hat was also named by Amazon as one of the "Best of 2011" for a special Design a Poster contest; 6 Black Hat movie posters were made by artists from around the world; 3 of the posters were in the top 15 highest voted by the public:

Thanks to all our talented cast, crew and contributors!

Reviews TJ Has Written

Black Hat Video 11 - Black Hat Trailer by Tristan 'J'

5 stars
Liked the frenetic style. My favorite part was the gritty, grainy, grindhousey Rodriguez / Tarantino vibe to the titles and credits. Thanks, Tristan!
February 23, 2012

Red Rain Video 1 - Horror

5 stars
January 20, 2012

Mathilde Video 4 - Sean Tracy's Trailer

5 stars
I would pay to see this fight continue... Great action, well choreographed, cool music, a perfectly-cast Mathilde, sharply shot & chopped together; overall a slick-looking production. Good luck, Sean!
January 15, 2012

Memory Video 2 - Eye For An Eye

5 stars
Grabbed me and didn't let go. Awesome work!
January 10, 2012

WizardsQuest Video 1 - Lego Critical Hit Trailer

4 stars
Dialogue track sounds like a winner. Not sure if I could watch an entire Lego-style test movie, but it felt appropriate for this nerdy/comedy concept. Good luck!
January 10, 2012

Evolver Video 3

5 stars
The live-action looks great!
January 10, 2012


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