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Film and Media Studies graduate (B.A.S.) 2012, self-employed, writer of short stories, novels, and screenplays.

Reviews Simone Has Written

Assisted Living, Pilot Script 1

4 stars
I enjoyed reading this. Will be following the project in the future.
March 08, 2016

The Militia, Pilot Script 2 - "Updated Version"

3 stars
Might work as a mini series. Nothing long running.
March 08, 2016

Angelo's Sidekicks, Pilot Script 1 - Angelo's Sidekicks: Pilot Script: 1st Draft

3 stars
Reminded me a bit of The Last Unicorn, which is not a bad thing. I don't think this show is for everyone, because it seems geared more towards children, which is fine.
March 07, 2016

Murder by Moonlight, Vincent's Original Draft

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Translation to Noir Style

Overall Recommendation:
3 stars
4 stars
Story structure:
4 stars
3 stars
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2 stars
March 06, 2016
Overall the structure of the story seems interesting, but I think the writer is too concerned with elements of style that override elements of the characters. All of the female characters in this story come off as dense and I am not sure how that would come across on screen. Also, I am not sure how a murder that happened in the eighties would translate into a noir style movie. I think if the sole focus is Christopher that could make the overall tone of the movie a little bit overbearing. I understand the writer wants this to be a "batman" style type of story with many dark elements, but I think this could easily get lost in the horror genre with all of the satanic elements of the story. I think the main focus should be on the Moonlight character's interactions with all of the other characters and the decisions he makes. Which is something I also have a hard time with because since his characters is so profoundly dark it makes him become this unlovable anti-hero trying to solve a dark-demented case. I could easily lose interest in all of the "darkness". Again, the story could be strong, but the writer needs to be careful with stylistic choices, but it has potential! I hope this has helped.

Alluvion Video 1 - sci-fi

2 stars
This could be decent if it does not go in the direction of every other apocalyptic movie/series being created today. It might sink into apocalyptic melodrama which can be dull and far fetched.
March 06, 2016

Touching Blue Video 10 - "The Screamer/Killer Hybrid"

1 stars
I can't relate to the character, and the concept feels empty.
March 06, 2016


John Steinbeck, Diana Gabaldon, Louis Lamour, Haruki Murakami, Leo Tolstoy, surely there are others but I cannot think of them at the moment...


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