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Columbia University Film School MFA, writing concentrate
University of New Mexico Theater Arts BFA

I grew up in Oklahoma and currently live in Los Angeles where I write comedy for my husband who's a standup comedian.

Director/Writer - "Today's Thursday My Friend" DV short (2 completed)
Short video content. Spoof on the "Stay thirsty my friends" Dos Equis commercials.

Director/Writer - "Mr. Dangle" 16mm
Dark Comedy short about a man's wife throwing him out. He won't leave and takes up residence on the front porch.

Director/Writer - "Reginald & M" Digital Video
Comedy Short about breaking up with your boyfriend on the sidewalks of New York.

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Favorite Movies

Broadway Danny Rose
8 1/2
Out of Africa
American Movie
The Cruise
The Jerk
Napoleon Dynamite
Royal Tannenbaums
Thin Blue Line


Grampa Munster
Woody Allen
Phyllis Diller
Andy Kaufman


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