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The Temple Alex's 3rd Draft (Script 3)

No rating
95 01/27/12

The Temple Alex's 2nd Draft (Script 2)

No rating
70 09/28/11

The Temple Alex's Original Draft (Script 1)

4.2 stars
457 07/29/11


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The Temple Video 3 - Teaser 1

5.0 stars
110 11/29/11

Test Movies

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The Temple Test Movie 1 - Alex's Test Movie

3.8 stars
716 01/26/12


I am a graduate of Temple University's Radio TV and Film program (1998). I spent 11 or so years total in Hollywood working in feature development for several producers before moving over to Post Production-Marketing AV a.k.a. The Trailer and Commercial Finishing Department @ Paramount Pictures. Over the years I have read, written coverage on and helped develop many screenplays and seen hundreds of films in various forms of completion and stages of development. I believe this to be the ideal crucible in which to form one's writing skills and story sense. After leaving Paramount I moved back to the east coast. For the past 4 years I have been a Managing Partner and Head of Creative Development at Advanced Media, a video production and post production house based in the Philadelphia, PA area. We produce Commercials, Corporate Video, Music Videos, Video for the Web, Promos, Cover Live Events. We have an excellent Post Production and Motion Graphics department as well. I now live in Clifton Heights, PA with the greatest 85 pound roommate a guy ever had, Odin The Mighty... Half Boxer, Half Aussie Shepherd, Half Amazing.

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DIE HARD -The Perfect Action Film () RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK -The Perfect Larger Than Life Hero we can all relate to () THEY LIVE -"I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubble gum." () PREDATOR -who doesn't like Predator?


Tolkien, Lovecraft, Hemingway, Clint Eastwood, Benjamin Franklin, John Lennon, Alex Greenfield and Scott's best friend, Stiles, from Teen Wolf.. that guy is frickin awesome!


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