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What are you doing New Years'Eve? Giorgia's 3rd Draft (Script 3)

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1 01/18/17

What are you doing New Years'Eve? Giorgia's 2nd Draft (Script 2)

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1 01/04/17

What are you doing New Years'Eve? Giorgia's Original Draft (Script 1)

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2 01/04/17

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Fortune Pilot Script 1 - title "Enjoy every minute of happiness"

No rating
5 02/02/17

Cousins Pilot Script 1 - Pilot

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5 01/12/17


Italian. I write for hobby and now I'm starting to study in a screenwrite course. I'm a lot into tv series and videogames, so that's mostly what I would like to write for. Step by step I want to make my whishes come true. Hoping Amazon can help me.
I realised some amateur parodies with my cousin, very superficial and not so funny, but it still was an experience. I learned to use basics editing programs and doing all that cut and sew things with scenes and videos and music. I for sure am not an expert, but I know how to move in this field a little bit.

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Favorite Movies

I'm not really a movie girl, most of the times I forget what I see, but I love The Godfather series (except the third one, of course), Harry Potter, a lot of the Coen Brothers', Star Wars.


JK Rowling, The Last of Us and the Uncharted series made me think that I could write something as much as good and emotional as they did.
Also The Catcher in the Rye inspired me quite a lot, I see myself as a modern Holden, maybe more keen than him.


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