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The Duckling Mike's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
3 02/03/13

LA PETITE MORT Mike's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
5 11/19/11

CROSSROADS Mike's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
34 11/19/11


I'm a life long writer, father of three, and have been happily married for 12 years. I've won a few contests and have one work optioned and in development. I have a total of nine scripts currently, with two more in production. I'm just at the start of my screenwriting career.

I believe in writing the types of movies that I would want to see. My advice to others is to enjoy your work and hone your craft. Write every day, write every day, write every day. Even if it's just a Face Book blurb, write every day.

Read as much as you can, especially other scripts. But never forget Goldman's famous quote: "Nobody knows anything." Find your own voice, eschew the safe choices, and never write for the market till you get paid to do so.

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Favorite Movies

Dawn of the Dead (Z. Snyder), the entire '28 Days' franchise, Blade Runner, A Clockwork Orange, the Mad Max franchise, The Road, Unforgiven, The Fisher King, The Notebook, Excalibur, Pulp Fiction, Highlander, Angel Heart, Training Day...


Blake Snyder, Zack Snyder, Joss Whedon, Steven S. DeKnight, Eric Kripke, Charlie Kaufman, Ron Moore, William Goldman, Hampton Fancher, William Gibson, Richard Matheson, Edgar A. Poe... I'm not on their shoulders yet, but I am climbing.


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