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ZvG: Zombies Vs Gladiators Andrew's 1st Draft (Script 33)

2.0 stars
18 08/18/11

ZvG: Zombies Vs Gladiators Alejandro's 1st Draft (Script 3)

4.7 stars
155 05/08/11


Oscar-nominated actress Abigail Breslin (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE) to star in my next film:

The story on how we got this project off the ground:

Alejandro Seri is an entertainment marketing specialist, a copywriter and an award-winning, bilingual screenwriter/director with a firm grasp of story telling. Alejandro started writing screenplays at the age of nineteen while attending UCLA as an anthropology major. He left the university when he heard the call of Hollywood. Alejandro then approached former NBC exec David Garcia with the idea of starting an alternative school. With the help of ten other students, they formed Cyberpix Film School in downtown Los Angeles. Since then, he has shot his first feature film starring Francesco Quinn (The Shield, 24, Platoon). The film won four awards while playing at the NY Independent Film Festival, the Romanian-American Film Festival and the Lake Tahoe International Film Festival.

After apprenticing as a copywriter at the renowned Intralink Film, Alejandro went on to work as a television promo and film trailer copywriter at New Films International.

Deciding to reconnect with the storytelling aspect of the craft, Alejandro worked as a story analyst with Script Pipeline (aka Script P.I.M.P.) development services before returning to writing and directing his own feature screenplays. In the midst of his creative work, Alejandro managed to carve out enough time to race BMX and mountain bikes. His determination landed him a national championship title, two World Championship competitions, and his very own bike design with mountain bike sponsor, Soul Cycles. This experience in the highly branded extreme sports world would later serve him in his viral video directorial efforts.

In 2007, Alejandro joined Final Draft, Inc., maker of the world’s number one professional scriptwriting software and Script magazine, the most popular selling magazine in the scriptwriting niche. He has risen through the ranks to become Final Draft, Inc.’s & Script magazine’s Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications, where he now heads the Educational division.

In 2009, Alejandro continued his journey as a writer. Encouraged by his dealings with Television showrunners and writers while working early on as Final Draft, Inc.’s Studio/Industry Liaison, Alejandro began to focus his attention on learning more about Television production. That same year the director landed a prestigious Diversity Fellowship with NATPE. Under the guidance of Scripted mentor Carole Kirshner and Non-Scripted mentor DMA, dove head-first into the NATPE Conference. Here he attended various pitch meetings, panels and seminars. Alejandro is currently putting the knowledge gained to develop several branded entertainment web series to promote Final Draft, Inc. and his own feature projects. He continues writing feature screenplays.

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