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Laws Of Loyalty Video 1 - drama, suspense

5.0 stars
2 03/18/18

A Father's Tragedy Video 1 - drama

4.4 stars
317 05/29/17


Born and raised in Washington D.C., Dysco Jackson caught the “Acting Bug” early in life while performing plays in church. His ability to memorize lines in a matter of minutes made him a top choice in junior productions. He would not only memorize his lines, but he would remember everyone else's lines and perform them when needed.

As an adult, he sought a productive career in law enforcement but his ambition to be an entertainer and a writer led him to create the Washington D.C. based production company Dysco Dreams Entertainment. His company’s motto is “Changing the way you view life.”

Living up to his company's motto, In 2011 Dysco wrote, directed and produced his first feature film “A Coward’s Dream” which is a domestic violence story that’s based on true events. The film debuted in 2012 at a "Purple Carpet" event which many attended. In fact, he had to rent an extra theater for the viewing do to the high demand of patrons that attended. A short time later, he managed to orchestrate another sold out viewing and independently gain great success with DVD sales and distribution.

Dysco's second project was a short filmed titled "A Father's Tragedy" which was released via internet in 2014. This film depicts a story related to the subject of child support.

In 2016, Dysco brought to his fans a new style of talk show titled "The Bar." The show he created is a Relationship & Love advice platform which is shot in a bar setting. He would take questions from his fans via social media and address them on the show while providing sound advice.

Dysco strongly believes in chasing dreams and he is excited about one day creating a foundation where he can provide knowledge and services for those that want to take the "leap of faith." He hopes to provide inspiration and help others make the best out of any situation and change their lives for the better

Reviews Dysco Has Written

Survive Video 1 - Thriller

5 stars
Beautifully shot!
June 23, 2017

The Woods Video 1 - Teaser

5 stars
Love the cinematography. I want to see the finished product.
June 23, 2017

The Sex Trip Video 1 - Romantic Comedy

5 stars
I laughed. Isn't that the point???
June 22, 2017

A Father's Tragedy Video 1 - drama

5 stars
May 29, 2017


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