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I am an urban, early education teacher who loves movies and TV. In my own preschool classroom, I write my own scripts and songs and record them. I have been named, “The Preschool Whisperer”, by many. I am always looking for new and innovated preschool shows and movies to bring to my students that are. smart, thoughtful, and educational at the forefront.

I believe that the aim of education is to make life-long, independent learners who will learn continuously in an ever-changing world and to make an exceptional impact on society. Education needs to be an interactive experience where students learn from the teacher and then explore, discover, and communicate with the world around them.

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Favorite Movies

Beauty & the Beast (1991)
The Sound of Music
Mary Poppins
Young Frankenstein
The Wizard of Oz
Forest Gump
Schindler's List


Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
Sesame Street
Blue’s Clues
The Magic Schoolbus


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