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I am a filmmaker based in the Midlands, UK. I love cinema, and am particularly fond of sci-fi and high concept stuff, as well as comedy, drama, and most genres actually. I work professionally in post-production and am always working on a variety of projects, both professional and personal.


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Murder by Moonlight, Vincent's Original Draft

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What is going on with this project!?!

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January 18, 2018
Not quite sure what is going on here, whether it's as harmless as a school project yielding numerous uploads by pupils resulting in the 90 videos, or whether the author is abusing the platform and asking his fans to upload multiple videos in order to pressure publicise. Either way it's annoying and is simply a stream of bad videos. Apologies to the makers of the videos themselves - I am not criticising them - rather the orchestrater of this project as a whole.

Murder by Moonlight Video 93 - Dark Moon Modified

3 stars
Nice illustration.
January 18, 2018

Murder by Moonlight Video 98 - Mystery

1 stars
I'm not sure what the maker of this is expecting, but this is not an appropriate video submission. Sorry.
January 18, 2018

Alluvion Video 1 - sci-fi

2 stars
It's decent short film calling card to demonstrate the filmamkers' abilities (graduate post-production reel type material) - but as an idea pitch I don't think there is enough there to proceed.
January 18, 2018


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