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Fire Video 1 - Pitch Trailer

4.9 stars
96 03/04/18


Humanity. Its twists, its turns; Its ups, its downs; Eyes open or closed. Hands in the air -Hold. On. You speed up, slow down- Veer left, swerve right- One step forward, two steps back. You still with me?

I'm in love with the human condition. Really. I am. I'm captivated by the flawed existence I find myself contributing to - both voluntarily and involuntarily. I struggle to comprehend the why and how of life's injustices and tragedies. I battle my own inadequacies or, at least, what I perceive to be my inadequacies, every day. I consciously try to embrace the potential of each moment... and it works. Sometimes.

I am passionate. I am imperfect. I am flawed. I am human.

My stories are a reflection of the way I see and experience life. I don't try to separate story from reality, and I don't use my creative ventures as a means of escapism. I live and write and direct stories to challenge audiences.

Life's a mess. And it should be; Rightly so. It's about the human condition.

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