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Family 2.1 beta version Pilot Script 1

4.5 stars
12 06/03/12


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Family 2.1 beta version Mini-bible 1 - Family 2.1 beta version

5.0 stars
6 06/03/12


Around the year 2000 several young people around the age of 20 came together to do shorts in the countryside of Lower Austria. For this purpose we founded Projekt Im Laufen. In the next years several shorts were made, with a changing cast. Some were good, some were bad, some were lost and some so bad we lost them on purpose. Those we dare to show even nowadays are available on You Tube, but at this point only in German without subtitles.

After some time we had made all the shorts we had ideas to - some we could not make, because we had not (and still have not) the possibilities to do so.

At this point we decided to try something bigger, and we wrote a script to a Slasher- Satire, taking place at the university some of us studied at that point. (Sorry, it is only available in German and as it is very localized, a translation would not work well.)
After same test shooting we had to admit, that the project was too big to be done by ourselves.

Afterwards ProjektIL more or less dissolved - some became lawyers, historians, technicians and so on.

But recently a few of us have taken classes in script- writing, and here we are, trying to find an international audience for our works.
Problem is, as you have already guessed, all our scripts, treatments etc so far have been done in German.
It will take some time until we have reworked our German scratches on napkins and treatments (where available) into fullfledged English scripts, which are more or less understandable.

Born 1900 is the script we had to write.
It is an topic important to many of us, and we feel that prejudice, racism and anti-Semitism start to play again a larger role in society - much larger as it should be.

But we also try to write scripts we like, for example By a Fairy's tail, a Fantasy- Action- Movie, which has a few dark undertones and parodies many Fantasy- and RPG- clich├ęs.

Next will be most likely something with dinosaurs (raptors, to be exact) and Charlemagne. Alternatives would be a Kafkaesque Werwolf- Movie about Men, Beasts and Machines or a Dramedy about a man with a terminal dissease and his best friend, a wasp named Hundertwasser. Stay tuned.

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ZvG: Zombies Vs Gladiators, J. H.'s 1st Draft

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(over-)fulfills all expectations

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4 stars
November 23, 2011
If a movie is titled "Zombies vs Gladiators", you have certain expectations about it:
muscular fighters, damsels in distress, senators in tunics, the Collosseum, fights, last second deus-ex-machina rescues, gory death scenes and of course lots and lots and lots of zombies. And more zombies. And even... you catch my drift.

This expectations are all met, and the movie stays true to its genre and title.
It even has a fight with a zombie elephant in an amphitheatrum!

The main characters are a convicted Roman soldier, a barbarian forced to be a gladiator, a noblewoman, a slave girl, a corrupt politician etc. Some are clearly stock characters, but a few have more personality and depth than can be expected - for the genre.

From time to time there are a few lines about the historical Rome, how it worked, critic on slavery, so the authors did their research.

If one has the urge to find something bad about the story strucuture, it is only that it is conventional as can be: After some time you can tell, who will die, and in some cases even when. Also it follows the concept of the Hero's journey - the heroes receive "gifts" (in an abstract sense, e.g. training) which save them later.
In my opinion, that is exactly what a script like this needs, how it should be.


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