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Flesh Robert H. H. 's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
3 12/13/15

ZvG: Zombies Vs Gladiators Robert H. H. 's 1st Draft (Script 130)

No rating
37 09/01/11

Series Projects


Title Average Rating Plays/

The Nine Lives of a Normal Cat Mini-bible 3 - Nine Lives, Prime

4.8 stars
15 09/04/13

The Nine Lives of a Normal Cat Mini-bible 2 - "Adventures with Nine Lives" and "Nine Lives"

4.0 stars
4 08/20/13

The Nine Lives of a Normal Cat Mini-bible 1 - "Nine Lives of a Normal Cat" original

3.5 stars
5 08/14/13


I am a Writer. I imagine Universes, Worlds, Civilizations, and the People who inhabit them. I am a Creator. I have written story elements for Starbase Orion, an I-Phone game. I have also written three screenplays and have several more in the works.

Reviews Robert H. H. Has Written

Murder by Moonlight Video 47 - A Serpent in Paradise

5 stars
This was excellently put together, with some wonderful shots and visual effects. Just enough suspense and mystery to hook you into reading the book.
January 29, 2013

Seed Book Trailer Project Video 19 - It only needed his Seed

1 stars
Needs a lot of work. The cuts were off, and the pull back at the end was very rocky.
August 18, 2012

Favorite Movies

Tangled. The Dark Knight. Star Trek. Avengers. How to Train Your Dragon.


J.J. Abrams. Christopher Nolan. Robert Jordan. R.A. Salvator. C.S. Lewis. J.R. Tolken. J.K. Rowling. Joss Whedon.


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