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Glenn is best known as the writer/creator of the comic book character Ace of Diamonds. He provided digital color on covers for that title as well as issues of Pantheon and Force Seven for Lone Star Press.

He has worked in film, print, and television, including two highly rated specials for SCI FI Channel: The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence, and The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed. His experience ranges from video and film production to art and design work.

Glenn and his wife Carly have written three screenplays together, more recently he has turned his attention to writing short stories and novellas. Glenn's first short story, Master of the Dead, is due to be published in an anthology later this year.

Since 2005 you can hear him talking about just about anything that's not mundane at where he is the co-host of a weekly podcast. PodCulture is a 2007 Parsec Awards finalist for Best Reality Podcast. His segment,Guilty Pleasures, reviews B-movies, cult classics, and rare oddities like the infamous RoboVampire.

When he's not working on one of his many projects, he spends his days with his head in the clouds as the videographer on a TV news helicopter.

Reviews Glenn Has Written

Get out of Dodge, Tony's 2nd Draft

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4 stars
July 28, 2011
As it is this would make a good solid movie that I would enjoy watching.

I really liked the beginning of the story, joining the action in progress and introducing us to the main character's skill in riding that helps define him. I think to be more clear it would help to name the Indians in the first action sequence Lakota 1, Lakota 2, etc to keep track of the action and keep them seperate from different tribes of Indians later in the script.

I like the use of a familiar phrase given meaning in the original historical context as the title, but I would have liked to see the phrase "Get out of Dodge" featured more promenently in the script.

This is a quick read, there is plenty of detailed action to keep the pace up, and I didn't get bogged down. The action had a good flow to it and I could visualize it as I read it.

I enjoy reading about all of these familiar old west characters in a true story that I was previously unaware of, and details like the Mastersons being Masons were also new to me.

The character arc of Luke Short educating himself works because we see him grow as a character, in education as well as wealth and social standing. I liked how the story focused on an individual, but still dealt with the over all issues of corruption in the old west, and the power struggles to control the new frontier.

A quick note about the trailer. I applaud you for putting the time, money and effort into making it, but I would like to have seen more of Luke Short. Usually a trailer will focus on the main character more. I know that you feature other better know historical figures, but I found it hard to figure out who the main character was just from viewing the trailer.

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