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It is a classic sci-fi screenplay that brings back BILL and TED for a exciting story.
BILL and TED are living large with a luxurious life with their families. Suddenly, there are events of Earth's destruction. DEATH comes knocking at their door to advise BILL and TED that everyone's future is at stake, in about seven days, (The Year's End - for a new ruler) DEATH tells BILL and TED: LUCY (Lucifer) sent him seek BILL AND TED's help. DEATH admits, "LUCY screwed up!" and this person is capable of altering Earth's environment and control minds of others. DEATH won't give the name of the person since it would be a breech of contract. Now, the DEVIL needs BILL and TED to save the world. So, BILL and TED must find this person and find a way to change this person's control. DEATH offers them some advice. "Try to keep this sacred person alive. Otherwise, everything will be reverted to him." BILL and TED seek more information, but DEATH can offer only clues. They find out they can't aggravate the person since he is capable of changing Earth's weather. Their mission to take him to LUCY to make another deal.

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NEPTUNE SWABBIES Video 1 - Neptune's trailer

4.0 stars
3 07/30/16

AfterLife Video 1 - Intro

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It's A Dog Story daniel m.'s Original Draft (Script 1)

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19 11/12/15

NEPTUNE SWABBIES daniel m.'s Original Draft (Script 1)

4.0 stars
21 02/05/15

N.A.S.A daniel m.'s Original Draft (Script 1)

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11 02/06/14

AfterLife daniel m.'s Original Draft (Script 1)

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23 12/29/11

"BRAVES" daniel m.'s Original Draft (Script 1)

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20 11/04/11


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AfterLife daniel m.'s Robotic Abilities (Storyboard 1)

44 06/09/14

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DOSE Pilot Script 1 - DOSE

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8 05/01/16

Death of Valor Pilot Script 1 - Death of Valor

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6 04/24/16

TONIC Pilot Script 1 - TONIC

1.0 stars
12 04/22/16

Fight Good Pilot Script 1 - Fight Good

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5 04/07/16


What makes a merciless serial killer invalidated? That's what all Detectives, in any worldwide region asks.

I was going to write a television series on "Black Magic Woman" & "Prugs."

But, my attention was diverted by "Dose," from which the Concept of Talent became revealing in ways of behaviour.

Thus, my next television pilot called, "EDGE."
Above all thoughts, it's an action, mystery, thriller, serial killer series. It's psychologically fit for those who'll view a vision through the actions/thoughts of a murderous criminal with plenty of Voice Over...

The Killer's EDGE or premise, is a true abyss of "catch me if you can" detectives. The mindless slaughter of innocent people are uncountable with monstrous demons thriving inside the serial killer's mind boggles everyone in it's moment.

What'll make this interesting is how the Killer's EDGE is the phenomenal talent he possesses.

(UPDATE) : Wow! The research for this phenomenal psycho serial killer is bottomless. I've check different killers along 1980's - 2016 and (WOWZERS!) the psychos out there are incredible.
While Youtube is the best, I've still to read literature on serial killers. This is so cool though since I'm coming across different ideas from plenty of police data (Thanks Youtube) with the online information.
Thus, my story is insatiable. I've gotten a good characterization for this delusional psychopath and it doesn't stop there because he's Einstein madman. He's developed a concoction that he injects into his victims that accelerates the body's decomposition process. Hence, what takes a year for the human body to deteriorate it'll probably take only one week after he injects into innocent victims; thus, leaving no evidence for the Detectives.

This portion of physiological chemistry (Forensics) I had to do about an hour of reading Wiki information (Thanks Internet) . But! I've found a way to make it realistically viable...

This is really good. I wish I could upload the first ten pages of this psychological thriller, but it wouldn't fair to those who love sick serial killers because one would be dying to read more.

I hope I can get more time to write. Had a off day today since I went out of my way to celebrate my daughter's birthday (One year old and she loves Chuck E. Cheese)...

Well, got to get back to writing.

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Harold Godwinson, Shara's Original Draft

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Harold Godwinson

Overall Recommendation:
5 stars
5 stars
Story structure:
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
May 25, 2017
If it made into any hands of the film industry, it would be a great spoof. The dialogue is great for comedy. I found it extremely funny. Try it. Read it like Monty Python would. You'll die laughing. Have a great read...

Artifice Video 1 - Comedy/Satire

3 stars
Graphics are good, but it's hard to laugh when you're lying down. Trust me, I didn't laugh.
April 13, 2017

Ryde, Pilot Script 1

5 stars
Funny, extreme awkward humor which makes feel better because I've got a good life.
July 14, 2016

Angelo's Painting, Mini-bible 1 - Angelo's Painting The Series

5 stars
The synopsis says it all. ADVENTURE !!!
July 08, 2016

Teen Park, Mini-bible 1 - Teen Park

5 stars
Sounds like my childhood where we followed anyone to avoid boredom.
June 25, 2016

Bombisuki Video 1 - Bombisuki (Pilot Animation)

5 stars
Phenomenal! Graphics ultimatum with quantum physics superb. That's some great talent.
May 09, 2016

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