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America's Ben Franklin in: The Electrocution String Terry's 1st Draft (Script 93)

4.0 stars
23 01/31/12


Screenplays optioned:
The Monger Brothers - 1978
Virtue Triumphant - 1979

Sundance Film Festival - 1970
FELMEX - Los Angeles - 1977

History and background

Living in Tucson Arizona, during the 1950's, I began my journey as an actor and performer in high school theater, college and local community theater and also in local professional motion picture productions. It was during my time at the University of Arizona drama department that I really learned the acting craft. I worked with great people who later become well known in Hollywood. People like, Craig T. Nelson, Allan Fudge, Hal landon Jr., Terry O'Conner, Peter Buffa (who later won an emmy) and others. It was during my time with the U of A that I was hired by ABC Television to head up the makeup crew for the then popular college television show, "Hootenanny", produced by Pat Pleven. I spent several months traveling with the show for that season.

My Country Calls

At that time, (the early 60's) the military draft was in full swing, so I volunteered to join the US Army. It was only after my return from military service that I began learning the production side of the film business and later live seminars and large sales presentations.

I spent five and a half years with the US Army. Three and a half with Special Forces (Green Berets) and the last half of my tour in Viet Nam with SOG. I returned from combat duty and was assigned for two years to the Army Pictorial Center in Long Island, New York, the largest film studio on the East Coast. The same studio where masters like John Huston and Frank Capra made astonishing films during World War II.

There Were Pros Everywhere

There I began learning film production from amazing people. Oscar winning producer Frank Payne taught me directing and producing. Elia Kazan's Editor, Bill West shared with me the magic of his eye while cutting film on the old Movie-ola machine. My cameraman was later to become the famous photographer Peter Veath and another cameraman (who currently works in Hollywood) was Tom Steinbeck, son of the famous author John Steinbeck.

I was surrounded by incredibly talented people. They shared their knowledge and helped me to rise through the ranks, from assistant director to director and finally to producer. By that time I found myself in charge of producing over 23 different films, all at the same time. After hours, when the stages were quiet and empty, Peter, Tom and I managed to utilize this incredible production facility and produced several experimental films. One, "The Painter", I wrote, directed and produced, and it later won an award at the 1970 Sun Dance Film Festival. It was an amazing time.

Off To Hollywood

I left the Army in 1971 at the rank of Captain and headed to California. On reflection, I am amazed that I did not follow a course to becoming an actor in Hollywood, as I was recognized as talented and skilled at that craft. Instead I pursued writing screenplays. I was lucky to obtain an agent, Bob Wunch, then with the Adams, Ray & Rosenburg agency. However, even with the help of an agent, I was not successful in breaking down the right theatrical door, so decided to produce industrial films through my own company, "CineFactor-8". There I was more successful and began producing, directing and writing for companies like, Coca-Cola, Hughes Air West, Westinghouse and others. We produced all kinds of films, TV commercials, training films and documentaries.

It was during this period (The 70's) that I developed a method for cutting production costs by shooting films in the format known as Super-8. I was able to create images with that small format that could be screened on large format venues with great quality. Methods I still use in video production today. I also invented a double-channel, duel-language small projector concept for point of sale presentation usage. My most successful film produced in this effort was for the "Ski-Seat" product (water skis with a seat), which became famous because of my film and sold all over the country. My creative efforts with these projects made me a good living, but also attracted attention from larger companies in the industry. I was hired by Eastman Kodak for a series of seminars to share my ideas about Super-8 production techniques with other film producers to promote the concept. One commercial film, produced with my Super-8 technique was called "What's A Buena Park?". It was produced for the City of Buena Park, California and was selected from over 2500 entrants worldwide for special presentation at the 1977 Los Angeles film festival - FILMEX.

Today - New Challenges

After spending a number of years investing in real estate, I have renewed my interest in film and television. I am now writing again and exploring the production side of the business. I look forward to writing new projects for both myself and others as we create new and exciting stories for the screen in a challenging time for the industry and the country.

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3 stars
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