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Deadly Reflections, Vicky's Original Draft

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A great original, well-written story

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November 03, 2011
This is one of the best scripts I've seen thus far on Amazon Studios. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and performing it, and would love to see it as a fully produced motion picture.

The premise - the idea that an artist's creations actually exist in some parallel universe - is one that I suspect every writer secretly hopes or believes to be true, and while similar ideas have come up from time to time in various media, it still seems largely unexplored as a general concept. This in and of itself makes the story worthwhile, but story is more than strong enough to stand on its own even without the relative novelty of the premise.

The protagonists are sympathetic and well fleshed-out, and while the villains may be somewhat caricatured, this is a trait that actually works in their favor as (literally) two-dimensional characters turned real. The story also boasts something that one doesn't see enough of in movies, even these days: a genuinely strong, independent female lead. She comes to the aid of her male counterpart as much as vice-versa - and legitimately so at that; not in ways that feel thrown in for the sake of political correctness or a superficial veneer of gender equality.

The ending is refreshingly non-conventional and quite satisfying; one really does connect emotionally to the characters involved.

All in all, this is an excellent piece of work and I look forward to performing for more of Vicky's scripts in the near future!

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