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Makorongo's War Sophie's 2nd Draft (Script 2)

No rating
8 09/12/13

Heavy Duty Lisa's Original Draft (Script 1)

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5 11/15/11

Brutal Nature Lisa's Original Draft (Script 1)

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10 07/25/11

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Marseholes Pilot Script 1 - Marsicles

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13 01/07/16


Okay, what do I say here… Born in what is now a London suburb, went to school in Kent and Cornwall – didn’t spend all of my formative years in school, though! College in Surrey aged 21, University in Southampton aged 32… didn’t spend all of my time there either!

Basically, you’re not going to learn anything from that. What I can tell you is: Qualified ITEC Holistic Therapist (non-practising), First Aider and nightclub security Door Supervisor (also no longer practising). Trained motorcycle maintenance mechanic. Has worked in biker bars, and the largest capacity nightclub in the Southern U.K. Does not own a dog. Never goes to a hairdresser.

Previously won Raindance Film School’s "Live!Ammunition!!" movie pitching contest in London in July 1999, in front of a live audience of film-makers, tutors and students, with the screenplay ‘Heavy Duty’ (which later spawned the 'Death & The City' novels in 2008).

Awarded 'Honourable Mention' in the Jeffrey Archer/Kobo/Curtis Brown Creative 100-word Short Story Challenge, for the flash fiction 'Performance Car.' Published in the free Kobo contest anthology with the final round entries, launched at London Book Fair, April 2013.

Wordpress-promoted Top Blogger between Nov 2014-December 2015 under the category of 'Writing & Blogging' gaining 4,500 new followers in that period. Published a non-fiction in 2015, 'Writing & Publishing For Yourself: The Indie Author Handbook, Self-Publishing Toolkit, and Staying Sane Survival Guide' (business/humour).

Favourite self-penned book to date: 'The Zombie Adventures of Sarah Bellum' (parody/steampunk, 2012).

Published first romance novel under the pen-name Lauren Boutain in 2014 ('One Stolen Kiss' romantic comedy).

Likes sports coupe cars and boy racer hot hatches. Can’t ballroom dance or sing, but can knit a mean hoody. Designed own tattoos. (No, you can’t see them).

Competed in the British and Southern regional Taekwon-do once as a novice. It was surprisingly boring. Did some other martial arts over a period of 22 years, including the use of tables and chairs at one point. Now more interested in vaulting over them, and has the scars to prove it - see :)

Studied Physics & Engineering at foundation level. Wanted to study astronomy, but exam times were too short and revision required far too long.

Collected Barbie dolls, now customises them. Also went through a shoe phase, and customised quite a few of those too. Not keen on fancy handbags, or phones.

Also collects successful new eye operations for Graves’ Disease, has a Frequent Flyer file at a famous eye hospital. Would never go out in public otherwise, without their amazing work.

Virtual gardener and even more virtual home-maker. Has got the hang of washing-machine, cooker, microwave, dishwasher, lawnmower, and garden shears so far.

Has not had a relationship yet. It would probably hinder the writing anyway.

Wrote first novel aged 18. Wrote first screenplay aged 27. Pretty much has been writing all the time she’s meant to be doing something else. Occasionally tries to make friends, with varying success, depending on the day’s recall of how social skills are meant to work.

Has no intention of attempting cookery, ice-skating or dancing on the television. The top of the plasma screen is far too narrow to balance on.

...You can sample or buy my latest books on Amazon, in print and eBook (also available for other eReader devices) - if you look up the eBook "Death & The City: Heavy Duty Edition" there's a feature script of mine included as bonus material.

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Favorite Movies

Star Wars, ET, Desperately Seeking Susan, Hot Fuzz, Paul, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Bound, Femme Fatale, The Tourist, Stardust, Pulp Fiction, Lola's Run, Infernal Affairs, Mr & Mrs Smith, Life Of Brian/Holy Grail, Time Bandits, Back To The Future


Shane Black (writer), Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Quentin Tarantino, Clint Eastwood, Tom Sharpe (author), Terry Pratchett (author), Candace Bushnell (author), Tim Burton, Spike Milligan, Monty Python, Jan Needle (author), Bruce Dickinson (author)


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