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ZvG: Zombies Vs Gladiators, Michael's Original Draft

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A riveting tale

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August 22, 2011
I enjoyed the script quite a bit. I believe the characters could be developed a little more with some additional background details.

I found the method of delivering the serum at the end to be a stretch. I would agree that it makes for a more exciting climax but not a very realistic one. It seems to me that if you shoot a zombie in the neck with an arrow and it turns into a human again, it will still have an arrow in its neck and a whole new set of problems. Same with stabbing someone with a spear. I'm not sure what solution that I can offer, perhaps something smaller like the darts of a blow gun. Maybe it could be in liquid form and poured over the zombies. Maybe they could be attacking the walls and instead of dumping boiling oil on them, you could dump luke warm seum on their heads in order to save them.

Also, how did the wolf come to be a zombie in the first place? A little more detail there would make the story more plausible.

Otherwise, great job and good luck...!


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