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Pray for Dawn Jamster's 5th Draft (Script 10)

No rating
70 03/21/13

Pray for Dawn Jamster's 4th Draft (Script 9)

No rating
18 12/31/11

Pray for Dawn Stephen's 5th Draft (Script 8)

3.0 stars
13 12/19/11

Pray for Dawn Stephen's 4th Draft (Script 7)

3.4 stars
77 11/07/11

Pray for Dawn Stephen's 3rd Draft (Script 6)

No rating
17 10/22/11

Pray for Dawn Jamster's 3rd Draft (Script 5)

4.0 stars
22 09/30/11

Pray for Dawn Jamster's 2nd Draft (Script 4)

No rating
18 09/18/11

Pray for Dawn Stephen's 2nd Draft (Script 3)

4.0 stars
53 09/11/11

Pray for Dawn Jamster's 1st Draft (Script 2)

4.0 stars
12 09/06/11

Pray for Dawn Stephen's Original Draft (Script 1)

4.7 stars
77 08/26/11


I'm a huge fan of horror films, being brought up on all kinds of horror films I'm kind of dissapointed by most of the films kids call horror these days.
I've tried to inject some old school horror into my writing and tried as hard as I can to make sure I make a smart and creepy scripts that rely on building tension for scares, not loud noises or cheap tricks.

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Indiana Jones
Big Trouble in Little China
The Godfather
Lord of the Rings
Sherlock Holmes


Frank Darabont
Steven Spielberg
Shane Black
Lawrence Kasdan
Terry Rossio
Ted Elliott


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