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Mathilde Samuel's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
9 05/09/13


Samuel has a long history and education in story development and writing and has acquired much skill and ability as such. Recently, several of his screenplays have placed in many notable screenwriting contests. Twice a semi-finalist and quarter finalist in the Zoetrope Screenwriting contest, organised by Francis Ford Coppola, as well as placings in six other contests. He has also provided coverage for a number of production companies, including Sigma Films, Gateway Films, The Future Film Group and Ipso Facto FIlms. He is currently "under consideration for a book adaptation and a rewrite for Red Giant Media/Intrinsic Value Films.

I like movies. I like the screenplay form, it's an art in and of itself. Not a big fan of three act structure, but needs must... I like doing different things with characters and structure. Passive characters aren't the tool of the devil... they're real, you know some people are passive. I like down endings, I believe them more than happy ones, a result of the nature of my existence. I've read and consumed McKee's story, great book. I ditched Blake Synder after about 30 or 40 pages, because it's turd, unless you want to forever write movies like Liar, Liar. He just teaches you how to play the hollywood game, rather than tell a great story that will live long in the memory and you'll want to go back to. I like Lem Dobbs, I like Andrew Kevin Walker, I like David Fincher, I like Sofia Coppola (she writes minimalism). I like David Lynch and I like Stanley Kubrick...

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Mathilde Video 4 - Sean Tracy's Trailer

4 stars
Tone of the dialogue plays into cliche thriller stuff. In my head the exchange was intented to be played with a slight wink and a wry clever tone.
January 14, 2012

Mathilde Video 2 - Character Teaser

3 stars
January 04, 2012

Mathilde Video 1 - trailer 1

2 stars
it's very clunky
January 04, 2012

Eyes of Darkness, Paul's Original Draft

4 out of 5 people found the following review helpful:

Very Good Horror

Overall Recommendation:
5 stars
5 stars
Story structure:
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
December 26, 2010
I like the opening... atmosphere is REALLY good, the scrawny dogs, cobblestone mexico. Gives a very foreign feel, which plays into certain fears. An unfamiliar world perhaps. Already an audience is disconcerted.

Henner putting his hand on Wolinski's shoulder seems off. Male distance and all that. Proffesional distance. Machismo even. I'm not sure about the out pouring of feelings with dialog either. A silent requiem like gaze might have a better more subtle effect.

After 25 pages
Well ermmm this is real good. The scenes with the father are well drawn and will be very scary in a subtle way... Sara's duality in particular.

I'm sensing that the killer will turn out to be the 4 year old from 96... which gives you a very good audience story spine.

The detective characters are a little cliché. But well drawn.

I have issues with the description “he begins to” its passive and clunky... a slight smile creeps across his face might be better.

What's with the spiders man... cool plant... mysterious.

This is shifting on at great pace. Plot points on top of plot points, slowly building and some really good creepy moments. The photo would be a visual stroke of genius perhaps.

This can't help thinking... But they already did The Exorcist. I'm not sure if this really bring anything new to the table other than mixing it with the serial killer cop genre... But hey ho I think I'm reaching for criticism. It's very well crafted.

Henner seems like a nothing character, a foil almost for Wolinski to bounce off. Other cop partner stories have differing points of view. Mulder and Scully, Mills and Somerset from Seven. They play off each other adding to the conflict and the idea v counter idea (theme) explored in the story. Aliens and the fantastic v science with the X files. Cynicism v Optimism in Seven. I don't think your story would lose anything if Henner wasn't in it.

The sound of a child’s laughter awakens him.
He opens his eyes to see a room filled with children. All
have darkend eyes and grotesque smiles.


Right, its very well plotted. And all the pieces are there. The bus route thing is cool. And I kind of figure 30 pages or so from the end Father Garrett would be the killer, but that's no biggy. Everything seems designed around that twist and it's designed well.

But, it doesn't tie into a very well definded theme. And is merely a good v evil story. And the chase. It ends up being very superficial.

The Demon is possessing children but working through Father Garrett as he makes connections with the kids. And its nothing more than that. It doesn't speak to a larger more complex theme. Like I alluded to earlier with the Seven/X Files thing.

Also you make a big thing about the father's choice in the logline. Stay away from Sara in order to keep her safe or keep seeing her and risk her destruction. That choice only comes up within the final act. Because of the focus on hiding the twist from the audience this cannot be fully explored. I would suggest putting the Rabbi exorcism earlier so that choice and that inner conflict is drawn out further. And becomes more of an over riding theme about sacrifice for the greater good.

Wolinski, aside from actually having a kid, hasn't got a lot going on beyond pursuing the killer and the mystery. There's nothing feeding into the theme with him, he's just there to figure it out. If you introduce more elements outside of his work, you can create more variations on the theme of sacrifice. Perhaps his relationship with his wife is torn and he's becoming more and more obsessed with the case and alienating his wife. Sacrificing his family to protect the city.

The theme needs more development and more thought.

Beyond the plotting and aside from it. Because those elements are well done. The movie loses it's way and it's focus and ends up being a superficial chase and reveal. It lacks any overriding meaning. For me. If a theme is introduced, this script could transcend and become REALLY good.

Now it's okay. And I'm sure you're getting a great deal of praise from other reviewers. And maybe it's fine as is, enough to satisfy readers and audiences.

Thanks for the read.


68 Minutes, Roger's 1st Draft

2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful:

not good

Overall Recommendation:
1 stars
1 stars
Story structure:
1 stars
1 stars
1 stars
1 stars
December 25, 2010

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