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My name is Joseph Tarling, a twenty nine year old quadriplegic who was in a car accident in the summer of 2001. I spent the next year in a nightmarish nursing home. Since then, my life has changed drastically. My experiences have changed my view on the world. When it comes to life, I will say this: Life is fulfilling no matter who you are and what you've gone through. Never give up on yourself.
Over the past 4 years I've turned to screenwriting as a method of therapy that has not only improved my mental state, but also my excitement to live. I studied at Gotham Workshop (full masters course), Screenwriting U, and attended Phillippa Burgess Creative Convergence. I won 'Best Death scene' in Script-a-thon's annual contest with “Z-Man”.

I have a passion for writing and understand that the majority of successful movies are based off of a vision that must be rewritten.

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Evolver Video 10 - GRINDHOUSE CUT

5 stars
This is impressive NEEl! Great job.
February 28, 2012

Red Rain Video 1 - Horror

5 stars
January 18, 2012

Sky Pirates, Gary's Rough Cut

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There's gold in them hills

Overall Recommendation:
4 stars
2 stars
Story structure:
4 stars
4 stars
3 stars
4 stars
August 01, 2011
I came in thinking this movie would be tiresome to watch. Where is this going to go? What is the target audience? Well... I was thoroughly surprised in what I saw. Excellent work as a director for the budget and material he had to use. Voice acting and sfx were top notch. Everything blended well.

The issue i have with this sort of story is, who are you targeting? Adults? Kids? Action adventure like Indiana Jones, The Mummy, etc? The rating states 13 and up. While watching this, all I could think of is Saturday morning cartoon movies when I was growing up. Lots of cheese! I'm not saying that is a bad thing. What I'm trying to say is, maybe it needs to be tweaked a little bit more for that audience. There's a lot of killing involved toward the end. Maybe look back at other cartoons that have violent in them but are kid friendly. Like avatar the last airbender and Gi Joe which are rated for ages 7 and up(on Netflix). I don't remember anyone dying with blood spewing from there insides. You definitely have something here that works for kids. Use that.

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The Thing
Forbidden Planet
Blade Runner
Children Of Men
Army of Darkness
Letters of Iwo Jima
Flags of our fathers
Shoot-em Up


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