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America's Ben Franklin in: The Electrocution String Jason's 1st Draft (Script 39)

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25 01/25/12


An engineer by training and profession, a funny-man in my own mind, trying to make it big in TV and movies.

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I Think My Facebook Friend is Dead, Francisco's Cut

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Very nice effort, could be better

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4 stars
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4 stars
3 stars
January 09, 2012
This was incredibly well done for a test movie. Clearly a lot of time and resources went into it.

Things I liked:
- Loved the cast. The main characters did a great job.
- Professional feel: nicely-shot, quality sound, nice soundtrack, FX and action good
- Dialog was crisp and natural

Things I think could be improved:
- Could use a comedy punch-up. There were many amusing moments and the light tone (until the end) was fun to watch, but it just seems like it should be funnier.
- Story was very straightforward, could use more depth. Maybe a good subplot or a clear character arc would have helped.
- Another reviewer mentioned needing Facebook (the company) on board with the movie. That makes sense, not sure what's involved there to make it happen.

I'm not sure how this would do as a Hollywood production. It's a nice indie movie as it stands, but it feels like it needs that "something extra" to be successful on a larger scale.

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Judd Apatow, Adam McKay, and the writers and directors of my list of favorite movies.


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