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Chris Lancaster My picture is of me standing in India. Looks third world.

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America's Ben Franklin in: The Electrocution String chris's 1st Draft (Script 16)

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19 01/06/12

The Ring-Witchmound chris's Original Draft (Script 1)

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7 12/30/11


Throughout my 34 years with working with the public as a teacher and consultant there is one thing that I have realized about people. Everyone is different and possess both strengths and weaknesses.
My goal has always been to bring out the good things in people and focus on removing obstacles in a persons acting career or writing projects. In the past I have done a lot of consulting work with the writers of many film projects including comedies; horror films; and animated projects. My goal was always to make these projects more profitable and more entertaining for the public. I have been pleased in the past to watch some of my ideas manifest on the big screen; and although in the past I did not dream of being in a position to promote my own project. It appears that this is a project that just needs to be made into a movie for many reasons. It is unconventional new material with a very high potential to gross millions of dollars. And this is what the public is yearning to see at the present time. This screen play is both believable and scary. A Movie made from this script will be fresh; scary; and talked about by word of mouth in the workplace; home; and pub.

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All Jim Carrey Movies
All Jennifer Anniston Movies
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Way too many to list ...I love a great story.
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Jim Carey- I like his unorthodox humor
Jennifer Anniston- I like her unorthodox humor
Naomi Watts- down to earth
Tom Cruise-great action movies
Ben KIngsley- The Movie Ghandi floored me.
I love a great story; with great special effects.


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