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Neato Mosquito, Brian's Rough Cut

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October 28, 2011
I have to agree with everything The Big D said - excellent effort. Miles better than anything else i've watched here.

My only concerns would be the sound quality at times and the fact the third act is a bit of a mess - the two subplots with Skater Girl and the cousin should be resolved before Neato wins the contest - and he should be active in them, too.

I was so impressed i had to Google the film, as i kinda knew this wasn't made for the contest - and i was right. But at least you are exploring more options to get this movie to the audiences it deserves.

I'm confused about the writer and director - as the listings here are different than IMDB. One thing is for sure, Mister Belchere is one talented, talented man.

The conversation about the chinese and yoghut had me in stitches.

Not only should this win the monthly award - it should win the annual award... the only thing that will prevent this from happening is AS's desire to go the big budget route.


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