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Screenwriter (various scattered awards and featured [way back when] in the Spotlight section of SCREENTALK magazine)
Contributing writer to SCRIPT magazine
Rocket Scientist (yes, really)
Shark Safety Diver

Recent news:

Signed to write the feature screenplay adaptation for the new sci-fi graphic novel, THE CHRONIC ARGONAUTS, based upon the H.G. Wells short story.

British Short Screenplay Competition (BSSC) - 2011 Runner-up The British Short Screenplay Competition is the largest and most prestigious program in the world for the short screenplay format. Last year's winner and runner up were from Australia and Singapore, respectively. This year, the top two scripts were both from the USA (one of them mine - Go, Team USA!). The BSSC receives approximately 2,000 entries a year, and its judging panel for the final round consists of renown film professionals like Kenneth Branagh, Sir Alan Parker amd Stephen Wooley. Unlike other screenplay competitions, the BSSC has no restrictions on who can enter: it is open to professionals working in the industry as well as those who have yet to make a sale.

LA Screenwriting Expo - 2011 Best Short Screenplay
http://www.screenwritingexpo.... LA Screenwriting Screenwriting Expo is the biggest, most comprehensive, and most prestigious educational and networking meeting of screenwriters in the world. The Expo is produced by Creative Screenwriting Magazine, the word’s most widely read and most respected independent magazine covering movie and TV filmmaking.

Sidewalk Film Festival - 2010 Winner of the Sidewrite Award for best screenplay The Sidewalk Film Festival was named one of the ten best "film festivals for the rest of us" by TIME magazine.

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