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Murder by Moonlight Video 2 - Novel Noir

3.5 stars
621 12/03/12


I'm a writer of period action/adventure/sci-fi novels, most notably the Rose Petals and Gun Powder series, and more recently, MechaNation, a NanoPunk thriller. When not doing that, I'm a backyard engineer working on three hands worth of projects. I've also dug myself out of my 3D rendering hole, but still find time to sneak back on occasion. You can occasionally find me with a strong cigar in my mouth, thinking up my next chapter in a cloud of blissful smoke.

Perhaps my greatest accomplishment (not in the fiction genre), I became a new parent on 8 September, 2012.

Reviews Jean Has Written

Murder by Moonlight Video 51 - Noir

4 stars
Great musical score to keep up the tension!
January 08, 2013

Murder by Moonlight Video 39 - Book Trailer

3 stars
The voice over was a little hammy, but the video itself was bold!
January 08, 2013

Murder by Moonlight Video 47 - A Serpent in Paradise

5 stars
This one really seemed like a professionally-made movie trailer. Bravo
January 08, 2013

Murder by Moonlight Video 50 - The hard-boiled edition

4 stars
Slick style and enticingly filmed. Gotta love that voice over!
January 08, 2013

Murder by Moonlight Video 32 - graphic novel style animation

3 stars
Loved the visual style, but to me, the music was a bit of a mismatch.
January 06, 2013

Favorite Movies

Dark City, Double Indemnity, Once Upon a Time in the West/America, Fringe (TV series), Godfather trilogy, Singin' in the Rain, John Woo's Hard Boiled , Touch of Evil, Heat, Inception, Batman (1st two Burton films & Nolan trilogy)... LOTS more!


I wouldn't go so far to say I'm a cinema nerd, but I do watch an awful lot of movies. I love a good film noir (thank you pre-turmoil Netflix!). Also, a great action film whets the appetite quite often, as well as the dark, cerebral genre.


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