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I currently have one screenplay -- THE WIDOW SPRINGER -- written with my wife, Phyllis Zimbler Miller, under option. (A little info about the screenplay is in this blog post -- http://www.phylliszimblermill... )

Phyllis' and my screenplay LT. COMMANDER MOLLIE SANDERS was a 2005 Nicholls Fellowship quarterfinalist. And we've combined that screenplay and another screenplay about the same character (NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK) into the ebook technothriller "Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders." You can learn more about that ebook at

Our comedy screenplay HOT POTATO was inspired by the movie TWINS as well as our experiences living in Munich, Germany, when I was a U.S. Army intelligence officer. (Phyllis' and my comedy screenplays are in a self-published book -- see )

And the title of our comedy screenplay MY LOVER WAS A LOGGER is the title of a well-known folk song.


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