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Murder by Moonlight Video 77 - Intrigue

4.5 stars
33 01/07/13


Hi there,
Recent college grad. Degree in Media and Film. Movies are my passion and I aspire to make them for wide releases one day.

-Final Cut
-After Effects


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Murder by Moonlight Video 77 - Intrigue

5 stars
I'm biased :)
January 07, 2013

Seed Book Trailer Project Video 45 - Teaser Trailer

5 stars
(in response to the others) I know it doesnt reveal much- fatalistic flaw? I hope not. I wanted to tease/ set the mood- leaving people wanting more.
August 29, 2012

I Think My Facebook Friend is Dead Video 52 - Road Trip Romantic Comedy

3 stars
I thought it was good, only critique is more humour.
June 03, 2012

I Think My Facebook Friend is Dead Video 49 - The Agoraphope's Road Trip

2 stars
I see many similarities between this and my trailer. I think the end spoils too much
June 01, 2012

Favorite Movies

The James Bond Movies!
Star Wars
The Godfather (1)
Batman movies
Christopher Nolan movies
well... pretty much anything.


Christopher Nolan is very inspiring to me because he started out very small via the indy market and is now a huge director. Additionally his movies are very deep and psychological which i admire.


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