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Murder by Moonlight Video 86 - Behind The 8 Ball - ClearBox

4.2 stars
59 01/07/13

Murder by Moonlight Video 78 - Hatchetman - ClearBox Studios

4.7 stars
44 01/07/13

Seed Video 68 - Seed Book Trailer Contest Winner

2.7 stars
4585 08/31/12


I have various passions in life, all very much revolving around either the craft of storytelling or the intricacies of problem solving.

My education is in Physics, Mathematics, Economics. My production company, Clear Box Studios, is all my own, built from my own countless hours and adrenaline pumping at unsafe rates.

But above all else, I feel a need to separate myself from the pack...whether that is leading it, or venturing off on my own.

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Murder by Moonlight Video 78 - Hatchetman - ClearBox Studios

5 stars
Best one, by far! Wowza!!! It makes me want to read the book...again!
January 07, 2013

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Fight Club
Terminator 2
Twelve Monkeys
Back to the Future
Die Hard
Punch Drunk Love
Stranger Than Fiction


Stephen Root
Paul Haggis
Charlie Kaufman
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