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Murder by Moonlight Video 46 - suspense thriller

5.0 stars
48 01/06/13


I am a professional writer/ a budding novelist/poet. I love to research whenever writing and much time goes into my final projects. I am new to Amazon Studios as this was an invite by a screenwriter. Looking forward to this experience.

A special thank you to all the writers/directors/producers/publishers who have been my support system during the last 10 years of my writing career and a very special thank you to a friend, a super horsewoman, a banker, a great lady.. up in Canada (Sheena)...who has been my inspiration and a great supporter while I drafted many novels....:)


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Murder by Moonlight Video 46 - suspense thriller

5 stars
I tried to help Mr. Tim Lathen with problem java and this was posted by error..NOT MY PRODUCTION.. emailed Vincent Zandri about it...THIS IS SO AWESOME..GREAT WORK!! had to rate it. go to trailer #70
January 07, 2013

Murder by Moonlight Video 38 - thriller

3 stars
300 pages sucks but well produced..
January 07, 2013

Murder by Moonlight Video 29 - Mystery Thriller

4 stars
awesome..well done
January 07, 2013

Murder by Moonlight Video 51 - Noir

4 stars
January 07, 2013

Murder by Moonlight Video 70 - murder suspense creepy

5 stars
I love this simple howly creepy music and the detailed blood write up..awesome..well done!!!
January 07, 2013

LEON, Kevin's 3rd Draft

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I loved it

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5 stars
5 stars
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5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
October 09, 2012
I truly loved the script. Absolutely beautiful with comedy undertones. But I think of it as drama with a lot of emotion, not comedy. Also since it is meant for children, family...where are the children? Where is the comedy? Secondly, despite the wings would have looked much better on children rather than some over the 30 men. However, I enjoyed it just the same.

Thank you for giving me the privilege to add to an already existing script. I hope I was able to add to a great writer gave us the base to a story we all would love to see on screen. I pray I will have the honor in getting it there..and I do not care what it takes. I am a storyteller, writer, novelist and I have a lot to learn about screenwriting. It is one of the hardest crafts in writing.


Favorite Movies

Gladiator, Passions of Christ, Ghost, Grease,
Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Ocean 12,13, River runs Through it, Sleeping with the Enemy, The Last of The Mohicans and all the classics..and movies in the future.....


My inspiration was my grandmother who taught me how to read and recite many very difficult plays..all European..she showed me that writing was an art ..also producers like RON HOWARD, POLANSKI, MEL GIBSON..AND WRITERS LIKE GRISHAM AND NORA ROBERTS..


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