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Red Crucible Ira's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
5 01/16/15

Red Crucible Ira's 2nd Draft (Script 2)

No rating
- 06/08/13

Red Crucible Ira's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
1 06/08/13

Red Crucible Ira's 6th Draft (Script 6)

No rating
35 02/23/13

Red Crucible Ira's 5th Draft (Script 5)

No rating
5 11/13/12

Red Crucible Ira's 4th Draft (Script 4)

No rating
5 10/24/12

Red Crucible Ira's 3rd Draft (Script 3)

No rating
4 10/23/12

Red Crucible Ira's 2nd Draft (Script 2)

No rating
5 10/12/12

Red Crucible Ira's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
6 10/03/12


Listen to a readthrough of the script by voice actors:


Hey Ira, Thank you so much for your submission. Your screenplay sounds intriguing and something along the lines of what we are looking for ... Personally, this is a story that I would love to see produced...Please keep pushing to get this screenplay filmed. I genuinely think that it has potential. I would love to watch it in the cinema some day.

Daniel Botha
Script Analyst

Man, that sounds like a gut wrenching tale. Best of luck with it and your logline and brief synopsis are good.
-Phillip Hardy

We are interested in producing your script, it will take 6 months before we put it in production. Congratulations!
-Anthony Wei
7 Productions
Anthony Wei Films
(author did not accept offer).

I very much enjoyed your story. It was very well written and was a joy to read. It kept me interested, and led me on, page after page.
-WDB - Literary Movies

This sounds like an amazing story...
-Susan Johnston
-Founder/Director, New Media Film Festival
-President, Select Services Films, Inc.
-Casting Director, Susan Johnston Casting
Award Winning Producer Prior to LA, 5 years with Providence and Rhode Island Film Commissions.
Professor Emeritus New Media
Judge Daytime Emmys
Judge New Media Institute
Judge Machinima
Legend Series on Machinima in Second Life
Speaker on New Media, Social Media and Incremental Monetization in the Digital Space

Ira, Your summary has intrigued me and I would love to read the whole script and see if it is something that my group can do - Matthew Mangum, Keepers Universe


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