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Sweet Holy High, Pilot Video 1 - Peepin'

5 stars
December 12, 2014

Think Tank Video 1 - Short Film

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December 30, 2013


3 stars
January 18, 2013

American Anthem, John's 13th Draft

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Great revision!

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5 stars
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4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
5 stars
April 19, 2011
I read and reviewed the 7th draft of AMERICAN ANTHEM awhile ago and aside from the ending, I felt the story was strong and entertaining. There also were a few areas where the dialog seemed overly polite but the only real negative aspect of the story that stood out considerably to me at the time, was the attraction Jenna and Kayla had to Eric. With this new 13th draft you give us a more satisfying ending and my apprehension to the attraction the girls have toward Eric has been lifted.

I don't know much about speed skating, only that I love to watch it during the televised Olympic games. It's an exciting sport to see, the speed, the rivalry, the rush, it's all exhilarating and suspenseful. I experienced all of that and more in reading "American Anthem. It was a rush, maybe even hyper, and it should be. Great job on your revisions, it's easy to see that you have definitely made the story stronger. I can't wait to see your upcoming test film, if it's anything close to the script it's going to be an awesome experience.

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