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ZvG: Zombies Vs Gladiators, Jim's 2nd Draft

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How to turn a good script into an excellent one

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September 03, 2011
I thought that the initial script was original and exciting, but this draft worked on those strengths and took them to a new level. I particularly liked the new opening, the fleshing-out of Titus' character into a more charismatic and engaging one, and the fact that more prominence was given to how the demon/zombie came into being and magical rather than medical explanation was emphasised which made the whole script that much more visually exciting and thrilling. This was all done very cleverly, retaining most of the original scripts great action scenes and building on them. Good original work, but an even better re-write. Of the two versions, I would not only prefer to see this draft, but would recommend it to my friends. I think this script would make a great movie, and could even make a great deal of money. I'd back it.


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