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Flames Of Passion Randal's 6th Draft (Script 6)

No rating
15 02/04/14

Flames Of Passion Randal's 5th Draft (Script 5)

No rating
8 09/30/13

Flames Of Passion Randal's 4th Draft (Script 4)

No rating
4 08/13/13

Flames Of Passion Randal's 3rd Draft (Script 3)

No rating
4 08/11/13

Flames Of Passion Randal's 2nd Draft (Script 2)

3.0 stars
9 07/13/13

Flames Of Passion Randal's Original Draft (Script 1)

No rating
6 07/10/13


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Flames Of Passion Video 1 - 2014 Flames Of Passion promotion

3.0 stars
28 10/09/13

Flames Of Passion, "Frederic's American Experience." Video 1 - Drama, Biographical

5.0 stars
10 07/10/13


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Flames Of Passion Randal's Drama, Biographical screenplay.. (Storyboard 2)

66 07/26/13

Flames Of Passion Randal's Master Scene One (Storyboard 1)

31 07/15/13


With my first career, as a student, I attained the Associate and Bachelor Of Arts in the field of psychology. I picked up a CNA certificate and worked mainly in the health and human service sectors. While in prep for grad school I studied research and creative writing along with acting.
In 1986 during the Statue Of Liberty celebration birthday something compelled my soul to research out the creator Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. His life is facinating and Flames Of Passion screenplay evolved. Margot Myles Literary Agency picked up the representation and contacted the award winning director Roberto Monticello. Roberto felt the script was as compelling as "EMMA" and we started development to where we are now with pre production and budget.
I think the story will add light globally, politically and personally on the issues for what the Statue Of Liberty represents and how that evolved. I would appreciate all feedback on peoples thoughts about this project.
According to Roberto, the attached director, the projected budget is around five to seven million dollars. So far on paper one and a quarter million dollars is above the line and a quarter of a million dollars is below the line.
More information is needed from associates in France where we are at work on a co production plan. Catherine Benony a Sculptor is at work on the cost for creating the needed Statues. Filming In France PA Mathieu Ebbesen-Goudin, Dp Cyrille Valliant and Film France Michele Woch, Lucas Frechen from Alsace Region and Emmanuel Loheac from the Bretagne Region have been extremly helpful with costs and location issues. The Film France "TRIP" incentives give reason why a co production is the way to have good Cinema produced in France.
All funds for the project will be used to promote this feature film project through completion. Sixty to seventy percent of the scenes will be shot in France Alsace and Bretagne Regions. All the United States scenes will be in and around New York City.

“It’s rare to find material in this business like Emma or Flames Of Passion. For Flames Of Passion I’ve done extensive research and even bought several books on the Statue Of Liberty. This is an exciting story that has incredible possibilities.” Roberto Monticello, Director/Writer

Flames Of Passion "Frederic's American Experience" promotional video accepted in the ECU Firsts category by Scott Hillier and his ECU Team... With Flames Of Passion video promotional accepted by Scott Hillier and his ECU 2013 Team, ECU Firsts Category Special Selection, I have another marketing strategy with an International audience. Still with development and pre production finance unsecured I appreciate and thanks to those that have made the time to review this project and contributed to the development... ECU Firsts Category Special Selection

Cordially, Randal Bazzano

Reviews Randal Has Written

unSETTLED Video 1 - drama-comedy

3 stars
More work on co star dialouge...
September 16, 2013

EBB TIDE, Billie's Original Draft

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Ebb Tide

Overall Recommendation:
3 stars
3 stars
Story structure:
3 stars
4 stars
3 stars
4 stars
August 09, 2013
With the technical structure needs for consistency and some description action punctuation changes the script is good. JERRY played by Nicholas Cage, DAK played by Tom Cruise, MEL played by Julie Roberts and SUE is a toss to the wolves...

Flames Of Passion, "Frederic's American Experience." Video 1 - Drama, Biographical

5 stars
"People in France want this project... The story read will give depth into the how and why the Statue Of Liberty was gifted to and for The United States Of America."
July 13, 2013

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