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Michael Kokkinaris was born in Athens and studied Byzantine and Modern Greek Literature, Theology and Medicine at the University of Athens. For many years he was an assistant professor at the University of Athens and today he is a Pediatrician in Pireaus.
He is a member of the Union of Greek Authors.

Other books and scripts by the same author:

1. Aivali, Land of Kydonia. A historical novel.
2. The Gallants. An epic novel whose theme resembles that of Braveheart.
3. The Missing Person. Asia Minor 1919-22.Novel.
4. The Charm of Utopia. Sicily 413 BC. A romantic account set in the utopia of Ancient Athens when it dominated Sicily and the western Mediterranean.Novel.
5. Criminal Impersonation.Novel
6. The Land of Angels. A novel about the loneliness of the elderly and the fear of death.
7. Second Chance. (Before the Divorce)Novel.
8. El Hakim. (The Therapist) A medieval novel set in the era of the Ioannites Knights on the island of Rhodes.English Edision.
9. Cain’s Stigmas. The nightmare of biotechnology.Novel
10. Emergence.Novel
11. The Hidden Meanings of Words.Script.
12. Everything inside me. (An account of a Fayum portrait)Script.
13. In the Eye of the Wolf (Moustafa Kemal-Ataturk)Script.
14.΅ Idas,the Eleventh King of Atlantis.Novel and Script.
15. The Magistrate(Script)
16. No angel for you(Script)
17. The pasage of angels(Script)
18. El Hakim(The Trherapist)(Script).
19. The Pirate Queen of Mediterranean.Script.
20. Memory traces.Script.
21. Exodus.Script
22. Theatrical:Kaddish(LaMama N.York 2012)

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Favorite Movies

1.Lord of the Rings.
2.Deja Vu.
3.Kingdom of Heaven.


1.J. R. R. Tolkien
2.Tony Scott
3.Ridley Scott.


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